Abstraction 34 – “Breached”

I smell bbq. They do it in this neighbor nightly. Makes me feel hungry. Tonight smells like hot dongs.. lol.. lips and assholes. Oh boy!

On a weird sleep schedule lately. Seems I had this thought about having a normal sleep pattern a few days ago and then? Poof! It’s gone. I jinxed myself.. though I’m not super-superstitious, knock on wood. Things always seem a little stranger when your sleep deprived. Crazy thing about it is that it wouldn’t matter if my situation (as it were) was on stable ground or not.  I am ‘blessed’ with these sleepless phases. Lucky me.

Not sure what it is about these warm colors lately.. orange, yellow, pink, red..  they keep showing up in the form of flame and in a similar composition.  A bit dramatic? Who knows, perhaps it’s a warning of some sort to stay away from processed meat.


ART FOR SALE: Dear prospective collector, please check the pricing and availability of this work in the Gallery.

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