Abstractions 5.4_One

Intention is to get back in the swing of drawing these and recording the process, so here we go. It feels familiar



“Gifting” now in Effect

This week I am going through the Art Gallery to update the prices of all the works to reflect the principal of “gifting”. It is something I learned more about earlier in the year (from this article on the Gift Economy) and have tried a bit in the past as well with some success.

New work forthcoming …

11 in the Pub

edit_12.3.2013 For the first time in I can’t remember how long, my work is now on display at Brewery Rickoli Ltd located in Wheatridge, CO. 11 of my painted drawings can be seen throughout the month of December.

Sort of on a whim last month, after frequenting the establishment a number of times as a designated driver for a close friend, I decided to ask them about it seeing another artist’s work there. I haven’t exactly been very proactive about this because my impression has been that the only way this work can or should be shown is after it’s been framed — which isn’t exactly in any realm of my budget.

A fellow artist brought up this display idea and after getting over the fact that it’s better they be seen in some format rather than continuing to be stored away in the closet, I tried it. The raw drawn paintings are “close-pinned” to a line of twine that has been tacked into the wall. Primitive, yet effective.

I’d like to perhaps pursue other venues of this nature to display my work. They seem like pretty good small bridges to cross, so to speak.

Fingers crossed some of them sell cause for starters, I’d like to remain living here (rent has gone unpaid this month), and secondly, I’d like to be able to purchase more art supplies and get back into the swing of arting. Crossing that threshold from “starving” artist to thriving artist remains my dream.

Abstraction 5.1_5.18.2013 – “The Walkers”

Surely there can be no great art without great suffering.

This morning I find myself clinging to the past and this notion that at least for a little while, he loved me. He loved me completely and without condition. He accepted me just the way I am – warts and all. Such an amazing feat to ask or even to expect of another. Even now, I am in awe and overcome with great sadness for something that has passed, yet indebted and humbled to have experienced such in my lifetime. I will remain eternally grateful …

How Time Flies …

Well, here it is September already.  I’ve spent the past two months living in the same place and the past six months in a very left-brained job.  In fact, my left brain is running amok there. It is thriving with the constant challenge of what I am required to do.  Maintaining a predominately positive attitude certainly helps as much as being surrounded by predominately positive people.  Naturally, cynicism sneaks in from time to time but overall, it’s good.

The condo within which I reside is alright as well. It’s a crash pad. I’m away most of the time during the week, although a home body on the weekends.  My “prize”, which I am slowly making progress, is to catch up on the remainder of the debt I intend to pay – thankfully not much more and certainly not the complete actual total of it ALL which will never be entirely paid off – though first this and then to find a place of my own again.

The big difference between living my dream as I was before, last year, and the place I aspire to find once again is funding.  I’ll be able to finish the art with framing, etc. and get it into display spaces.  Having freedom that money allows has a fair bit of attraction, suffice to say.  I’ll be the first to admit it isn’t everything, although arriving at my issues as they arise in my life with money is certainly a much more desirable way to go.  

I have been considering the direction of the blog and am looking look forward to a lovely, creative free-for-all once again …

Where am I?

Life has managed to swindle me away from my work these past few months.  Talk about a craaazy and mind expanding ride. WOW! So much has happened and is still happening. This work resides within and calls me still. I will return …


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